Receptionist: Good Morning ( Afternoon& Evening ) , Haiqing Hotel& Reception. How may I help you? 早上好,海情大酒店&前台,有什么可以为您服务的吗? Guest: I would like to book a room in your hotel. 我想要订一间房间。
Laundry Dept. 洗衣部
Purchasing Dept. 采购部
Accounting Dept 财务部
Recreation Dept. 康乐部
Sauna 桑拿
Card Room 棋牌室
Snooker Room 台球室
Receptionist:Have you made a reservation? 请问您有预定吗? Mr. Li:Yes, my family name is Li. 是的,我姓李. Receptionist:Just a moment, please, I'll check the arrival list. 请稍等我查一下抵店单.
Beauty Salon 美容美发
Fitness center 健身中心
Sales & Marketing 营销部
Manager 经理
Guest Relationship officer 宾客关系主任
Public Area 清洁部
Manager 经理
P.A. Cleaner 清洁员
Receptionist:Sorry to kept you waiting. You have reserved a sea view suit from today to 25th. Would you mind filling in Security Department 保安部 Manager 经理 Security 保安员 the registration form? 很抱歉让您久等了您已经预定了海景套房从今天大到 25 号. 请您填一下这张登记单
Engineering Dept. 工程部
Chief Engineer 总工程师
Engineer 工程师
Lemon Café 莱蒙咖啡厅
Banquet room 宴会厅
Seine River 塞纳河
Lobby lounge 大堂吧
Multi function hall 多功能厅 Receptionist: I have to check if there's a room available. 我 必须先查一下是否还有房间. Geust: Thank you. 谢谢你. Receptionist: I'm sorry, all the rooms are booked up. 很抱 歉,所有的房间都已经预定出去了.
Scene corridor 情景廊
Friendship corridor 友谊廊
Europe corridor
Haiqing Teahouse
Coconut Beer Garden
Haiqing Chinese Restaurant
Luggage office Mail service Ticket counter Room reservation 行李房 邮政服务 票务处 房间预定
Housekeeping Dept. Manager Supervisor 客房部 经理 主管
Housekeeper 客房服务员
Receptionist: How are you going to pay, in cash or by credit card? 您将怎样付账? 使用现金还是刷卡? Guest: In cash please. 我使用现金付账.
Food&Beverage Dept. Manager 餐饮部 经理
Chef 厨师
Chinese Restaurant 中餐厅
Western Restaurant 西餐厅
Room service 送餐服务
Conference room 会议室
President 董事长
General Manager 总经理
G.M. Assistant 总经理助理
Secretary 秘书
HumanResource Manager 人力资源部经理
Quality Dept. Training Dept. 质检部 培训部
Receptionist: Here's the key to 10
  18.please keep it. And the bell man will show you up. I wish you enjoy your stay. 这里是到 1018 房间的钥匙请保管好,行李员会带您到房间 去.希望您在本店过的愉快. Guest: Thank you very much.非常感谢! Reception 接待 Door man 门童 Business center 商务中心 Operator 总机 Front office Manager Assistant Manager Chief concierge 前厅部 前厅经理 大堂副理 首席礼宾司
Baked potatoes 烤马铃薯
Mashed potatoes Omelet 土豆泥 煎蛋卷
Hamburger 汉堡
Sandwiches 三明治
Hot dog 热狗
Meat bun 包子
Buns 馒头
What kind of room would you like? 您想要哪种类型的房间? Dumpling 饺子 Champagne 香槟 Red wine 红酒 Beer 啤酒 We have single room, double room, suites and deluxe suites. 我们酒店有单人间,双人间.套房和豪华套房
White wine 白葡萄酒
Cocktail 鸡尾酒
Menu 菜单
Milk 牛奶
Cereal 麦片
Porridge 粥
Black tea 红茶
Plain rice 白饭
Fried rice 炒饭
Croissant 牛角包
May I have your passport please? 我能看一下您的护照吗? May I have your arrival and departure date? 我能知道您的抵离日期吗? Can you give me the flight number, please? 您能给我您的航班号吗? Bean curd Chef's special Today's special 豆腐 主厨特餐 今日特供 French fries 薯条 Bacon 熏肉 Boiled egg 煮蛋 Fried egg 煎蛋 Scramble eggs 炒鸡蛋
Sea cucumber 海参
Lobster 龙虾
Abalone 鲍鱼
Shark fin 鱼翅
Birds nest 燕窝
Jelly fish 海蜇
Crab 螃蟹
Fish 鱼
Operator: Good morning, operator, how may I help you? 早上好!总机,有什么可以为您服务的吗? Geust: Room 3025 please.
Oyster 生蚝
Scallops 扇贝
Clams 蛤蜊
Seaweed 海带
Operator: Just a minute, please. I will put it through to room3025 .请稍等,我马上为您接到 3025 房间.
Barbecued pork 叉烧
B-B-Q 烧烤
Sausage 香肠
Vegetables 蔬菜
Apple 苹果
Pear 梨
Grapes 葡萄
Water melon 西瓜
Melon 甜瓜
Cucumber 黄瓜
Papaya 木瓜
Banana 香蕉
I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Could you speak a bit louder? 对不起,我听不到您的声音,请您声音稍大一点好吗? Could you repeat that, lease? 能请您再重复一遍好吗? I'm sorry, the extension is busy right now. Will you try the call later? 很抱歉,这部分机正在通话中,您等过一会再打来吗? Onion 洋葱 Carrot 胡萝卜 pumpkin 南瓜
Grapefruit 西柚
Corn 玉米
Eggplant 茄子
Cauliflower 菜花
Butter 黄油
Cheese 奶酪
Bread 面包
Toaster 烤面包机
Buffet 自助餐
Coffee pot 咖啡壶
Coffee cup 咖啡杯
Tea pot 茶壶
Sorry, Miss Li is not in right now. Would you call back later? 很抱歉,李小姐现在不在,您能稍后再打来吗? Would you like to leave a message? 您要留个口信吗? Would you like a morning call? 您需要叫醒服务吗?
Glass 玻璃杯
Chopsticks 筷子
Straw 吸管
Paper napkin 纸巾
Grapefruit juice Orange juice
Apple juice
Table 餐桌
Table- cloth 桌布
Napkin 餐巾
Plate 盘子
Knife 餐刀
Fork 餐叉
Spoon 勺子
Bowl 碗
Operator: What time do you like your morning call ? 请问您什么时间需要叫醒? Mr. Li: At 6:00A.M. 早上 6 点钟. Salt 盐 Pepper 胡椒 Toothpicks 牙签 Ketchup 番茄酱
Soya sauce 酱油
Vinegar 醋
Olive oil 橄榄油
Peanut oil 花生油
Lighter 打火机
Trash bins 垃圾桶
Bath mats 地巾
Alarm clock 闹钟
Bed 床
Mattresses 床垫
Bedspread 床罩
Sheet 床单
Blanket 毯子
Pillow 枕头
Turn-down service 开夜床
How many pieces of baggage do you have? 请问您一共有几件行李? I'll get the baggage up to your room. 我会将您的行李送到房间.
TV 电视机
Channel 频道
Remote control 遥控器
Dishwasher 洗碗机
Laundry 洗衣
Dry wash 干洗
Washing machine Bathrobe 洗衣机 浴衣
Please take this elevator to the second floor 请乘这部电梯到二层. Be sure not to leave anything behind, please. 请您留意不要落下东西.
Hair dryer 吹风机
Comb 梳子
Tooth bush 牙刷
Tooth paste 牙膏
Cup 杯子
Scissors 剪刀
Slippers 拖鞋
Match 火柴
Desk 桌子
Wardrobe 衣柜
Closet 壁橱
Hanger 衣架
Carpet 地毯
Cushion 坐垫
Curtain 窗帘
Beside lamp 床头灯
Flashlights 手电筒
Switch 开关
Wall lamp 壁灯
Bulb 灯泡
Could you please mail a letter for me? 你能为我邮寄一封信吗? Have you stuck on the stamps yet? 您有没有贴上邮票? I would like to send it by ordinary air mail. 我想使用航空普通邮寄.
Lampshade 灯罩
Plug 插头
Socket 插座
Iron 熨斗
Pressing 熨烫
Thermos 热水瓶
Microware 微波炉
Air conditioner 空调
Toilet / washroom 卫生间
Toilet paper 卫生纸
Shampoo 洗发液
How many copies do you need? 您需要几份复印件? I want to send a fax to New York. 我想发一封传真去纽约. Can you arrange it for me? 你能帮我安排吗? It's the busy season for traveling. 这是一个旅游的旺季. You have to book the ticket five days in advance. 您需要提前 5 天预定机票.
Mirror 镜子
Sponge 海绵
Soap 香皂
Tap 水龙头
Towel 毛巾
Shower head 淋浴头
Bathtub 浴缸
Wash basin 面盆
Stool 凳子
Chair 椅子
Sofa 沙发
Tea table 茶几
I'd like to fly to Beijing on Saturday. Could you book ticket 不 for me? 我想本周 6 飞去北京,你能帮我订张机票吗? May I have your ID card please? Lemon Café is on the second floor. 莱蒙西餐厅在二楼. 我能看一下您的身份证吗? May I use your phone? 我可以用下你的电话吗? Here is your flight number, name and departure time. Take it easy. 放心好了. 这里是您的航班号, 姓名和起飞时间. Please don't smoke here. 请不要在这里吸烟. See you later. 等会见. Good night. 晚安.
How many tickets would you like? 您需要几张票? What time would you like to leave? 您什么时间离开? Mind your step. 请走好. I wonder if you'd consider going there by train instead. Please don't leave anything behind. 请别遗忘您的东西. 我建议您是否考虑坐火车去. Please be careful. 请当心. I wish you a wonderful trip to Beijing. Where is the washroom? 洗手间在哪里? 我希望您能有一个愉快的旅程去北京. This way please. 请这边走. Go downstairs, on your left side. 下楼梯在您的左手边.
Would you like some tea or coffee? 您想用点咖啡还是茶? What do you think of our service? 您对我们的服务有什么意见吗? We don't accept tips in our hotel. 我们酒店是不收小费的. Its our pleasure to serve our guests well. 为我们的客人提供 好的服务是我们的荣幸.
Welcome to the Second floor (First, Second, Third, Fourth). I'm the floor attendant. 欢迎来到二楼,我是楼层服务员. What can I do for you? / How may I help you? 有什么可以为您服务的?
Your luggage will be here shortly. Is there any chance of a table by the window? 您的行李会马上送到这里来. 有没有可能是一张靠窗的桌子? How do you like this room? 您对这个房间还满意吗?
  3. We look forward to having you with us tonight. Here is the light switch, the temperature adjuster, the 我们期待您今晚的光临. wardrobe and the mini bar. Here is the drinking water. Thank you for calling us. 感谢您的来电. 这里是灯的开关,空调温度调节器,衣橱还有迷你吧,这是 饮用水.
Here is our hotel's Service Information Booklet. It gives you I'd like to reserve a table for two. 我想订一张两人的桌子. What time would you like your table sir? 您什么时间会到呢? May I have your name and telephone number? 您能留下您的姓名和联系电话吗? an idea about our services and facilities. 这是我们酒店的服 务指南,它能帮助您了解一下我们的服务设施. The extension number is just the same as your room number. 间电话号码和您的房间号是相同的. If you need anything, please dial 50
  03. 如果您需要任何的物品请拨打 50
You can place a wake-up call with the operator. What time do you open tonight? 今天晚上什么时候开餐? 您可以请总机帮您坐叫醒服务. We open at 5:30p.m., and we take last order at 10p.m. Place the "Please do not disturb" sign outside the door. 我们 5:30 开餐一直到晚上 10 点. 将这张"请勿打扰"的牌子挂在门外. Serving hours are: 6:30-10:00 a.m. for breakfast. I'll be there as soon as I finish this room. 早餐开餐时间为 6:30 至 10:
  00. 只要我一完成这个房间会马上过去.
We'll take check now. 我们现在结帐. Your bill totals 88yuan. 您一共消费了 88 元. We always do the check-out rooms first unless there is a What's the 22 yuan for? 这 22 元是消费了什么? request. 们会从退房先开始打扫, 除非有的房间有特殊要求. How much is in US dollars, please? 换成美金多少钱? You room will be ready in half an hour. I'll calculate it for you. 我马上为您计算. 您的房间会在半小时之内整理好. Do you honour American Express? May I have your room number? 能告诉我您的房间号吗? 你们接受美国运通卡吗? May I do the turn-down service for you now? Would you please sign for it? 请您签字. 我可以现在为您开夜床吗?
Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom? 你能帮我整理一下卫生间吗? Please bring us a bottle of boiled water. 请帮我们拿一瓶热水. Would you like me to draw the curtains for you? 您是否愿意我帮您拉上窗帘? May I turn on the light for you? 我可以帮您把灯打开吗?
How long will it take? 大概需要多长时间? Would you like something more? 您还需要点别的吗? Good morning, sir. I've brought your breakfast here. 早上好 先生,我已经把您的早餐送来了. Would you sign the bill, please? 请您签下单. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 如 果您有任何的问题请及时通知我们.
May I have extra toilet paper? Good morning, This is Room Service, what can I do for you ? 早上好!这里是送餐服务,有什么可以为您效劳的? Will you please send breakfast to my room? 你能把早餐送到我房间吗? Would you tell us your room number please? 您能告诉我们您的房间号吗? How many people are you? 您一共是几位呢? 请再多给我一些卫生纸可以吗? I'll open the door for you. 我会为您把门打开. I'm afraid there is something wrong with the TV. 恐怕电视出了点问题. The TV set is not working well. 电视机坏了. There is something wrong with the toilet. 抽水马桶坏了.
The Air-conditioner is not working well. 空调坏了. May I have a look at it? 我能看一下吗? Don't worry; I will fix it for you right away. 请不要担心,我会马上修好它. We can have it repaired, please wait just a few minutes. 我们能够把它修好,请您稍等几分钟.
I'll get you the Captain. 我请领班过来. Its all on the house. 所有的一切都是免费



  Receptionist: Good Morning ( Afternoon& Evening ) , Haiqing Hotel& Reception. How may I help you? 早上好,海情大酒店&前台,有什么可以为您服务的吗? Guest: I would like to book a room in your hotel. 我想要订一间房间.Laundry Dept. 洗衣部Purchasing Dept. 采购部Accounting Dept 财务 ...

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  本文由派派txt小说论坛提供下载,更多好书请访问http://www.paipaitxt.com/  人生若只如初见(网王同人)  作者:若水如嫣  楔子  “砰~”一声沉重的闷响打碎了这城市的喧嚣,一抹红色的身影被抛起,又似坠落的蝴蝶般狠狠地砸向冰冷的水泥地面,鲜血映衬着如火的红裙向四周漫延,宛若盛放的玫瑰,妖娆的演绎着凋零前的绝美。如墨的长发不带一丝狼狈,映衬着如雪的肌肤,少女的容颜精致的不似真实,嘴角微微上扬,勾勒出恬然的笑意,在这本该充斥着低迷气氛的车祸现场,显得格外的讽刺,还有诡异。  ...


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  第三章 电话通信网3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7电话通信网的基本概念 固定电话通信网 移动电话通信网 公众移动电话通信网 数字移动电话通信网 集群移动通信系统 未来的移动电话通信网3.1 电话通信网的基本概念3.1.1 电话通信的概念电话(Telephone)的含义是指利用电 的方法传送人的语言的一门通信技术科学 的总和。利用电的方法传送人的语言并完 成远距离语音通信过程,必然包括声、电 转换等在内的电路和器械。 考虑到传输线路设备的经济性,常用 的通话电路框图如图3.1 ...


  浙江大学为新生开书单2009 年 07 月 21 日 今年,浙江大学在寄给新生的录取通知书快递中装了一本“新生画册”。上面除了介绍校 园文化和生涯规划指导外, 还给新生列了一些推荐书目, 其中大学教育类中有一半讲到了美 国教育,特别是哈佛大学。第一类:大学教育的思考、规划和管理1.《失去灵魂的卓越:哈佛是如何忘记教育宗旨的》作者:哈瑞?刘易斯(哈佛学院前院长)简介:家长可能会认为,被名校录取,就是对孩子成就的认可,未来孩子的美好前程就 有了保证。然而事实真的如此吗?几十年来,大学为追求卓越的地位 ...


  2010 年 03 期金卡工程·经济与法NO.03,2010中美死刑适用制度之比较研究□白 飞(北京师范大学刑事法律科学研究院 北京 100875)摘 要: 美国与中国都是保留死刑的国家, 对不同法系下的中美两国死刑规范适用进行对比研究, 有助于从规范上对两国的死刑适用制度有一个参 照性认识。笔者首先概述两国死刑制度立场和现状, 从罪名设置和适应对象层面对中国和美国的死刑制度进行比较研究并得出结论。 关键词: 死刑 中国 美国 启蒙运动以来, 刑罚的惩罚和威慑功能已 经被理性的人们所质疑和反思, ...


  泾县基本公共卫生服务均等化项目简第一期泾县卫生局报2010 年 5 月 8 日我县开展基本公共卫生服务均等化项目知识竞赛活动为进一步提高乡镇卫生院实施基本公共卫生服务的能力和水平, 泾县卫生局 组织开展了一次基本公共卫生服务知识竞赛活动。 首先, 经过笔试选拔出桃花潭、 榔桥、琴溪等 6 个中心、乡镇卫生院参加知识竞赛的决赛。决赛采取知识问答形 式,于 4 月 30 日下午在榔桥中心卫生院会议室举行。 知识竞赛紧张、激烈。各队选手密切配合,比分交替上升。经过必答、抢答、 风险问答三轮比赛, 一、 ...


   我们在审核起点网站作品时,对一部值得签约,具有商业价值的书用的最多的一个词叫做看起来很流畅,节奏感很好。  这又引申出网络商业写作一直饱受人争议的一个问题,为什么一部书在很多人认为它人物淡薄,文字简单,逻辑错误百出,可是这部书就能大红大紫,卖的让那些自认为精心打造作品的作者两眼变兔子,整天大骂现在读者素质水准之类的。  这里的问题就在于,网络商业写作,最本质的是什么?  以我做为编辑的角度来说,情节,稳定更新,人物,文字,依次排列。其中文字,是最为不重要,也是最为重要的。而情节,是网络作品的基 ...